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Operation Type
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AWS Import/Export
Data Load
Total Terabytes to Load TB
Number of Devices
Wipe Device After Import
Estimated Transfer
Interface Type
Transfer Speed**
Return Shipping
Return Shipping Destination
Total Weight of Packages Shipped lbs
Expedited Shipping
Estimated AWS
Import/Export Costs
Device Charges
Data Loading Charges
Data Wiping Charges
Return Shipping Charges***
Total Estimated Charges†

*Maximum S3 object size is 5TB (5120GB). See S3 Detail Page.

**The factors that have the biggest influence on data transfer rates are device speed and median file size. However, other factors such as file system type and number of files per directory may impact the time it takes to load your data. These factors may cause actual transfer speeds and data loading hour charges to vary from those estimated.

***Return Shipping charges are estimates and are subject to change.

†In addition to the total estimated charges for AWS Import/Export, standard Amazon S3 Request and Storage pricing will be applied. Data transferred between AWS Import/Export and Amazon S3 is free of charge (i.e. $0.00 per GB). Estimate your S3 charges using the AWS Simple Calculator.